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Many non-profits struggle with turning their passionate vision into a cohesive, actionable strategy. Without a clear plan, efforts can become scattered, leading to missed opportunities and volunteer burnout. Small Seed Consulting works with your organization to develop a tailored strategic plan that aligns your mission with measurable goals. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your operation is optimized for greater impact, helping you stay focused and driven towards achieving your mission.

Strategic Planning

Transform Vision into Action

Measuring and communicating the impact of your work is crucial for securing funding and maintaining stakeholder trust. However, many organizations find it challenging to develop effective metrics and create compelling reports. Small Seed Consulting helps you establish key performance measures (KPMs) and implement systems for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. We assist in crafting clear, impactful reports that highlight your achievements, demonstrating to donors and stakeholders the tangible results of their support.

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Demonstrate Your Impact with Confidence

Understanding the needs and perspectives of the community you serve is essential for creating effective programs and initiatives. However, conducting thorough research and meaningful community consultations can be resource-intensive and complex. Small Seed Consulting offers expertise in designing and executing research projects and community consultation initiatives. We help you gather valuable insights, ensuring your initiatives are informed by the voices of those you aim to support. Our approach fosters stronger community relationships and ensures that your efforts are truly responsive to the needs of your constituents.

Research & Community Consultation

Inform and Empower Your Initiatives

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