I'm an award-winning supply chain expert that launched Small Seed Consulting in order to help the little guy win.

In my experience working with small businesses, I noticed the same mistakes happening over and over again.

That's when I realized that there was a gap in the market- detailed information on how a business should manage their inventory or operations was no where to be found for small business owners to access. 

That's where Small Seed Consulting comes in.

Hi there! I'm Yusra Musa


When the small seed becomes the big tree >>>

Nothing compares to the feeling of taking my expertise and helping a small business owner. I know that everything I teach them is evergreen and will guide them as they continue to grow their business.

I found my passion with teaching & serving clients

About Me

✔️    9 years of industry experience in supply chain & operations
✔️    Taught operations concepts at the college level
✔️    Facilitated workshops and worked directly with entrepreneurs to improve their operations
✔️     Experience leading a team and translating requirements + needs to others
✔️     Worked across many different sectors including retail, government and e-commerce
✔️    Strong analytical capabilities

My Experience

Why i'm your next coach

Yusra with group of entrepreneurs & co-facilitators at workshop

You’re in the early stages of your business but know nothing about operations. You know your idea is a money maker but when it comes to understanding how much product to order, how to price your products or understanding the strategy to running a successful business behind the scene…. you don’t know where to start.  

You’ve started your business, you have a proven product that people want & you’re getting sales but the truth is, you’re a one-man show. And if you’re keeping it 100% honest, if your product blew up overnight you’d be terrified because you don’t have the structure in place to support scaling to the next level. In order to scale over the next 12 months, you need support.

You have an established business, the money is rolling in but you and your small team aren’t operations professionals. That's why you are 100% sure your business could be more efficient. You’re leaving money on the table and in order to keep climbing, you can’t keep doing things the way you used to.

Does this sound like you?
We Can Help You!
You can do anything, but not everything

How I Like To Relax

time in the sun 🏖️

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Virgin pina colada

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Instead of being intimidated and overwhelmed when it comes to the backend of your business, leverage your operations to help you do less so you can focus on your zone of genius.